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Vom Haus Schutz
German Shepherd K9
Mary L Shallenberger
Pine Bush, New York 12566

Vom Haus Schutz K9 Zena (female)
and Aragorn Of Crooked Creek
(Stud Dog)
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Left to Right: Zuro, Eko, Cassidy, Zena, Cody, Zyka, Zoey and Zarah
My Pack of GSD's Relaxing In The Barn Yard



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                             Brauhsun              Kalyn                       Eko                      Zyka               Zarah
                                                   Zena                   Zoey                      Zuro                   Cody               Cassidy
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Breeding Czech Import Working Line German Shepherd K9 Dogs...

We raise our puppies in our home, around our horses and people.
Our puppies develop into wonderful family pets, with great dispositions,
social behaviors, and have natural protection drives.
When properly trained, your new puppy will be loyal, your protector and your best friend.
All the puppies have balanced drives when you pick up your puppy, they aren't born with bad habits, they develop bad habits from mismanagement, so give your puppy the best training and you will enjoy a healthy and rewarding lifetime relationship with your new dog.
We Love, Breed and Raise Quality German Shepherd Dogs and Puppies.
Our dogs are properly bred to insure there are NO Genetic Defaults in our litters!
Our Litter puppies have Expanded into 10 States.........
New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington, Texas
New Hampshire, North Carolina and West Virginia.
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You can now pay with PayPal on line from our Web Site or when you come to visit, reserve or purchase your puppy, you can NOW pay by Credit Card

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"Honey" is just one of many of our sold puppies trained by
to assist Veterans of War.
The puppies are purchased through
YOUR Donations.

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Honey is just one of our puppies on Active Duty in the military with his handler Marc.
She is just 1 1/2 yrs old in these photos, and hasbeen acceptedto serve in the military, aiding her Service Man.
Congratulations Marc and Honey for all your accomplishments!

SVV1, SO, H-3, SCHH3, IP3, PSH1, etc. the list is endless!
Our dogs pedigrees trace back to the
DDR Czech Working Dogs.
Breaking News! 
It's Official......Zena and Zuro will be having their litter on June 16, 2014.
This is a "Line Bred" litter.
The puppies will be ready for their new homes August 11, 2014.

If you are looking for top quality lines, balanced dispositions, solid temperments, strong bodies, superior working drives and great looks,
then give us a call for upcoming or available litters.


                 Puppy #1 Female 13 Weeks Old -to breed in 2015           Puppy #7 Male 13 Weeks Old -Stud Dog for 2015                         Puppies having obedience lessons



Great Temperments, Dispositions and Social Behavior


Fun Video above of my pack of German Shepherd Dogs Playing with their balls.
Raising a puppy is like raising a baby. They need lots of love, sleep, playtime and attention.
You teach them their habits and behaviors. These puppies have all their natural working drives intact.
                                   Litter of 8 Puppies at 4 Weeks Old           The puppies are 13 weeks old in this video                        Socializing with the pack.
As the puppies mature, I work alot with them, to provide you with a puppy that doesn't have all those puppy habits, like biting you, chewing on items that are not theirs, etc.
Most breeders don't go to this extent with their puppies. You may spend hundreds of dollars with a trainer to start your puppy training lessons like ours have been taught.
These puppies are well disciplined. We are very proud to be able to give you a quality, well bred puppy when you purchase one of our GSD Puppies!


Contact us if you are interested in future litters.

Puppy Reservations and Contracts are available on line.

Zarah Litter Puppies with their new owners.


                               Zoey breeding 2015    Joe and Puppy #2    Tim and "Honor"  Liz and Puppy #4   Ron and "Zeus"    Gina, Chris, Tommy Zuro Breeding 2015  Martha and "Zach"
                                                                                                                                                                                    Richie and "Jager"

                                 Puppy #1                      Puppy #2           Puppy #3             Puppy #4             Puppy #5            Puppy #6                    Puppy #7                  Puppy #8

                                   Female                          Female                Female                   Male                     Male                    Male                            Male                           Male

                          To Breed in 2015                    SOLD                   SOLD                    SOLD                    SOLD                  SOLD                 To Breed in 2015                 SOLD
Click on the Puppy Photos above to view them larger............so cute at this age!
Above photo taken July 1, 2012. These puppies are in their new homes and doing great!.  
(When Litters Are Available)
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Update: Zyka's Litter Is Now Sold.

(Click on photo to enlarge)

Animated star Puppy # 1, Female - SOLD                      Puppy # 6, Male - SOLD

Puppy # 2, Female - SOLD                          Puppy # 7, Male - SOLD

Puppy # 3, Female -Breeding In 2015       Puppy # 8, Male - SOLD

Puppy # 4, Female - SOLD                          Puppy # 9, Male - SOLD

Puppy # 5, Female - SOLD                            Puppy # 10, Male - SOLD


All the puppies have accepted their new homes in just hours after leaving their birth home.



This is Zyka's only litter, and I am very sad to say I had to spay her because of a C-Section on the last puppy which was dead and she couldn't get him out with her contractions. I chose NOT to risk her life for puppies. She produced a litter any breeder would dream for.

Testimonials will be added to my site as they come in.


Our Dogs and Puppies:

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                                                                  "Buk" (Our Mascot)          "Brauhsun" - Rest In Peace



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"Welcome To Our Horses Page"

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                                                         "Midnite Kiss" aka "Koko"                     "Maid Outta Gold" aka"Goldie"                           "Our Quarter Horses"

Below are two videos of my horses, which I am very proud of!
                                       "Midnite Kiss" 2 yr old filly, In Trainning, 5th day under saddle.                   "Goldie" at 8 months and "Midnite Kiss" at 18 months

Vom Haus Schutz German Shepherd K9 Pine Bush New York (845) 283-3229

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Here is one of my sold puppies, "Zivah" Training for  Tracking